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Core Values Counseling has a wide range of fees for seeing therapists. Fees are based on the level of experience and types of training the therapists have. Using the best practice of Gottman Couples Method Therapy we do 1.5-hour sessions when working with couples.

therapist in training

80 min counseling session

pre-licensed therapist

80 min online sessions

licensed therapist

80 min counseling session


Whether you are looking for someone to walk through a current transition of a life stage, having difficulty in your relationship, needing help with parenting a troubled teen, or are currently in crisis, I am willing and able to help process and untangle situations that seem confusing and unmanageable.

Coaching Counselors

Do you ever feel like you would benefit from someone helping to guide you as you create a rich legacy for your life? Eric can help you look to the future, create attainable goals with measurable action plans to move in the desired direction.

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