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The goals of the Gottman Method include increasing closeness and friendship behaviors, addressing conflict productively, and building a life of shared meaning together.

Your Mental Health

When relationships break down it causes anxiety and depression.

What’s at stake?

Poor relationships lead to divorce…

Children Struggle

Children of divorce have 10-15% more depression and anxiety than children in stable homes.

Future Relationship Issues

Divorce can lead to relational attachment issues in children and emotional problems well into their adulthood.

Better communication, closer connection, less stress, more intimacy

Team approach

Build a team approach with your partner to solving problems


Shared vision

Create a shared vision and meaning for your relationship and life


Trust one another

Grow Commitment and trust that you always have each other’s back

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Relationships are hard!

We offer guidance and great tools!

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  • We have been doing couples conferences since 2002
  • All our therapists are trained in Gottman couples therapy
  • Sabrina Walters is a Certified Gottman Therapist and trainer

“The Walters (Counselors) are awesome. My husband and I got more out of their couples retreat I think than our 9 week pre marital counseling elsewhere. Great for all stages of marriage.”

Portland Couple

“At the retreat we learned techniques that deepened our trust in each other.

Counseling-Couples, Families & Individuals

When we know our core values, how we are wired and what we stand for, we can understand ourselves, better. Knowing our core values about each other builds esteem and honor into our relationships. We at Core Values Counseling hope to help you gain this deep understanding of yourself and others in order for you to have the best life possible!

Our Team

Core Values Counseling has a wide range of fees for seeing therapists. Fees are based on the level of experience and types of training the therapists have. Using the best practice of Gottman Couples Method Therapy we do 1.5-hour sessions when working with couples.

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50 min online sessions

Regain hope in your relationship

Masters of Relationships

“My husband and I attended the Enticing Intimacy Couples Retreat with Sabrina and Eric and it was amazing. …At the retreat we learned techniques that deepened our trust in each other. Sabrina and Eric are masters of relationship. I learned so much about myself through the core values index. I’m so excited to share this with other people!”

R Cordeiro

Attendees, Enticing Intimacy Couples Retreat

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